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Grape variety: Palomino Fino

Type of Wine: Generous

D.0.: Jerez Xérèz-Sherry

Alcoholic Level: 15%

Energy Value per 100 ml. : 105.38 Kcal.

Volume: 50 Cl.

Health Registration Number: 30.2.634-CA

Bottler Registration Number: A-626-CA(ES)

Aging: Criaderas and Soleras (Organic)

Middle Age Solera: 6/7 years



VISUAL PHASE: Wine ranging from straw yellow to pale gold.

OLFACTORY PHASE: Sharp and delicate aromas with light hints of almonds and notes of fresh bread dough and herbs from the countryside.

GUSTATIVE PHASE: Very dry, delicate and light; with an aftertaste in which almond memories return, leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness.

PAIRING: Ideal wine for an aperitif and accompaniment to all types of tapas, especially olives, nuts and Iberian ham. Ideal accompaniment to seafood and fish, especially those with a marked saline flavor and raw. Due to its low acetic acid content, it is perfect to accompany white poultry dishes with notable acidity such as salads with vinaigrette, marinades, as well as cold soups such as gazpacho or white garlic.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: 6º to 8º C. Use a glass of white wine.


Diego Aragón, the grandfather of the current owners of the winery, was a great fan of bulls and decided to pay tribute to a young bullfighter named Manuel Granero, destined to be a figure in his time, but who was fatally gored by the bull Pocapena in 1922. Diego Aragón called Fino Granero a Fino wine that he raised and of which he was especially proud. That bullfighter was going to be a musician when he decided to dedicate himself to bullfighting; He studied violin at the conservatory. The wine is named after the bullfighter and as fate would have it, two years after his death, Enrique Montero, musician and illustrious chiclanero, dedicated a pasodoble to this wine to which he gave that name, Fino Granero. The wine borrowed the name of the bullfighter who was going to be a musician, and music, bullfighting and wine perpetuate each other, closing a magical circle. Something that could only happen at the Manuel Aragón winery and in the magical city of Chiclana. Fino Granero en Rama is a dry white wine, made from the total fermentation of palomino grape must. The process favors the development of the flor veil, a layer of natural yeasts that remains on the wine, thus preventing its oxidation and thus giving it its special characteristics. It is aged in American oak casks using the traditional system of criaderas and soleras. It is carried out in our winery with careful microclimatic conditions of humidity and temperature. We do two sales a year (spring and autumn) with a strict selection of the best boots. Bottled directly from the same barrel, so the sensation when tasting it from the bottle is the closest thing to drinking the wine directly from the winery's barrel.

Product Details

Ideal wine for the aperitif and for all kinds of tapas, especially olives, nuts and Iberian ham.

Ideal companion for seafood and fish, especially those with a marked salty flavor (anchovies) and raw (sashimi), as well as white poultry meat.

Due to its low content of acetic acid, it goes exceptionally well with dishes with outstanding acidity (salads with vinaigrette, marinades, etc.), as well as with cold soups (gazpacho or white garlic).

Always consume very cold. Use an ice bucket with ice and water to serve it between 6 and 8 ºC

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