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The sauvignon blanc from the Manuel Aragón Winery comes from French grapes of the same name.

It is a white, dry, very elegant and balanced wine, apple yellow in color, dry and very aromatic, fruity and with herbaceous nuances. 

Ideal to enjoy with seafood, fish, salads, pasta and light meats, as well as with olives, salted fish, and some mild creamy cheese.


The Sauvignon Blanc grape is originally from France. The wines made with it are edgy, acidic and dry, but beyond their robustness, they provide an aromatic intensity full of nuances, especially when they are young, as they have clear reflections of fruits and herbs.

It adapts to the terrain, capturing its characteristics, in such a way that it produces different wines depending on the situation of the vineyards. The Chiclana climate and the soil of our Manuel Aragón vineyards provide exceptional organoleptic characteristics to Sauvignón Blanc La Batalla de la Barrosa.

Continuing with the tradition started by their elders, the current owners of the Manuel Aragón Winery baptize their wines with names rooted in the city where they were born and where the winery's facilities are located.

The Battle of La Barrosa took place in 1811 within the framework of the War of Independence after the Napoleonic invasion.

The allied troops under British command and made up of the Spanish, English, Portuguese and Germans, defeated the French army in the vicinity of the Chiclana beach of the same name. 

The English sergeant José María Blanco White was captivated by the Cadiz terrain and, when he became governor of Australia, he named one of the areas Barrosa Valley, to remind him of Chiclana.

Name: The Battle of La Barrosa

Type of wine: Sauvignon Blanc

Protected Geographical Indication: Wines of the Land of Cádiz.

Grape variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Alcoholic degree: 12%
Energy Value per 100 ml. : 84.04 Kcal.

Sanitary Registry Number: 30.2.634-CA

CATA's notes: Apple yellow in color, it is a dry and very aromatic wine. On the nose, the characteristic aromas of Sauvignon can be appreciated, which the climate of the Chiclana area gives to this variety, with underripe fruit and herbaceous nuances. On the palate it has a dry and fresh flavor with citrus and tropical aftertastes.

Product Details

Ideal to enjoy with seafood, fish and light meats. Olives, salted, and some soft creamy cheese. It combines very well with first dishes based on salads with fruits, raisins, peppers, tomatoes.
As more robust dishes, we can take it with pasta and light meats.

Serve cold.

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