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Grape variety: Tempranillo and Syrah

Type of wine: Red Oak

Protected Geographical Indication: Wines from the Land of Cádiz

Alcoholic level: 14%

Energy Value per 100 ml. : 81.24 Kcal.

Volume: 75 Cl.

Health Registration No.: 30.2.634-CA

Bottler Registration Number: A-626-CA(ES)



VISUAL PHASE: Very bright cherry red wine.

OLFACTORY PHASE: Intense aroma of fresh black fruits, macerated skin and spicy touches.

TASTE PHASE: Intense and round, fresh and sweet, with hints of raspberry and licorice. Balanced in tannins and pleasant finish.

PAIRING: Ideal to accompany red meats, pastas, cheeses and cured sausages.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: 14º to 16º C. Use a glass of red wine.


The Tinto Roble Campano is named after the estate where the production facilities of the Manuel Aragón Winery are located, which includes vineyards, a winery with fermentation facilities, and storage and maturation casks. This continues the tradition of this more than century-old artisanal winery of remembering in the names of its wines the place and the people who are important in the process that gives rise to our wines. Red Wine from Tempranillo and Syrah grapes. The coupage or mixture is made after the fermentation of the musts. Aged for 6 months in French and American oak barrels. The Tempranillo grape is the best-known red grape variety among the native varietal wines of our country. Its name refers to the fact that it ripens several weeks earlier than most red grape varieties. It is a very aromatic grape, which is reflected in the wines made with it, which are of high quality and very balanced. It also provides a bright ruby color, especially in the young varieties, although it is a grape that also resists aging in barrels very well.

The Syrah grape is characterized, above all, by its high color intensity and by generating wines with great body, both in young and aged reds. Its skin is very thick and resistant, it has a high content of soft tannins and allows the color of the wines to remain stable. It provides balance and floral and fruity aromas to the wines made with this variety. The style and flavor profile of wines made from Syrah is influenced by the climate where the grapes were grown; Therefore, the peculiar characteristics of the soil and climate of Chiclana give it special characteristics that are transferred to the wine produced with it.

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Ideal to combine with red meats, pastas and cheeses and cured meats.

Serve slightly chilled

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