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Amontillado El Neto is an elegant and complex wine with a unique and differentiated personality that makes it a gift for the senses.

Coming from the complete fermentation of palomino grape musts, Amontillado El Neto begins its particular process with a biological aging under flower veil for a minimum of five years; Throughout the first years in Criaderas, the wine acquires sharp notes and accentuates its dry palate.

After a certain moment, the disappearance of the flower causes a second phase of oxidative aging, lasting at least 12 years, which will gradually darken the wine and give it concentration and complexity.

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Juan, nicknamed "El Neto", was nothing more and nothing less than the wagon that transported the wines from Chiclana to other towns. He was a tough guy, tall, lanky and with a perennial pipe between his lips. He with his cart and his mule brought the products of the winery to the distribution points at a time when motor vehicles were still a rarity. 

Manuel Aragón, an exemplary winemaker endowed with enormous human qualities, decided to name one of his most beloved wines after the humblest of his workers, thus paying tribute to all those who collaborate in the winery's production process, which says a lot. of his wisdom, humility and humanity.

The delicious Amontillado El Neto thus perpetuates both Manuel Aragón's affection for his wines and respect for all his workers, demonstrating that he was as good a winemaker as he was a good person.

Name: Amontillado El Neto

Type of wine: Fortified wine

Category: Amontillado.

Designation of Origin: Jerez - Xérès - Sherry

Grape variety: Palomino

Breeding type: Biological initially and later oxidative 

Alcoholic degree: 18%

Energy Value per 100 ml. : 126,80 Kcal.

Sanitary Registry No.: 30.2.634-CA 

Tasting notes: It is an elegant wine with a topaz to amber color. Its aroma is subtle and delicate, with an ethereal base softened by aromas of nuts (hazelnuts) and vegetables that are reminiscent of aromatic herbs and tobacco with nuances of finesse recalling its youth. It has a pleasant entry on the palate and a balanced acidity; its development is complex and suggestive, highlighting a dry finish and a prolonged aftertaste in which the notes of nuts and wood return. Average age: 17 years.

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% VOL ( ml. Alcohol en 100 ml. de Vino)

This is a very combinable wine due to its elegance and complexity.
Ideal to accompany mushrooms, artichokes or asparagus, it brings its personal touch to a wide variety of dishes, enhancing the gastronomic experience with fish, smoked meats, ham and very cured.
Its consumption is recommended at a temperature between 12 and 14 ºC. Its opulence and concentration allow it to be stored in the bottle long after opening.

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