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It is a wine obtained by the partial fermentation of Moscatel of Alexandria grape musts.
Different from any other muscatel wine thanks to the unmatched characteristics achieved by a special and exclusive elaboration.
It has a pale golden color and a very pronounced floral aroma.
On the palate it is very smooth and balanced.
It is perfect to accompany any type of appetizer and dessert.
In a wide glass and with a couple of ice cubes it is also extraordinarily delicious.


There is not much of a secret in the name of this muscat wine. Its creator, Manuel Aragón, was looking for a special elaboration that would give it softness, balance and delicacy, with the characteristics of a muscatel but not too sweet. After several attempts he found what he was looking for, which made him exclaim: This is blessed glory! ... 

... And with that name he stayed, Gloria. And, as all those who taste it can see, the wine fully lives up to its name.

Name: Moscatel Gloria

Type of wine: Moscatel

Category: Natural sweet wine

Denomination of Origin: Jerez - Xérès - Sherry

Grape variety: Muscat of Alexandria

Type of aging: Oxidative

Alcoholic degree: 15%
Energy Value per 100 ml. : 161 Kcal.

Sanitary Registry No.: 30.2.634-CA

Tasting notes: When tasted, the typical floral notes of this type of grape predominate, one of those with the greatest aromatic personality. The Muscat vineyards are located near the beach, on sandy grounds, with a great influence from the sea. On the nose, the characteristic varietal notes of the muscatel grape stand out, with floral aromas of jasmine, orange blossom and honeysuckle, as well as citrus notes such as lime or grapefruit, along with other sweet tastes. Its palate presents a fresh sweetness, highlighting the varietal and floral flavors.

Product Details

It is an ideal wine to take as an aperitif accompanied by foie, strong cheeses or spicy sausages such as sausage, but also as a surprising end to a meal combined with pastries, with not excessively sweet desserts, based on fruit and with ice cream, since brings a touch of acidity and freshness.

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