The Cuartel del Mar pays tribute to Cádiz in March with four menus

The Cuartel del Mar pays tribute to Cádiz in March with four menus
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The Cuartel del Mar pays tribute to Cádiz in March with four menus

El Cuartel del Mar, the hospitality, culture and leisure project of Azotea Grupo in Chiclana proposes four special menus for the month of March, which are a tribute to different products, production areas and typical harvesting methods of Cádiz. An original proposal threaded with four menus designed by Manuel Berganza - Executive Chef of Azotea Grupo - who tours the province of Cádiz through some of its most iconic products: the vegetable garden of Conil, the salt pans of Chiclana, the fish and shellfish of estero and Almadraba, and the wines of Chiclana de la Frontera.

Available for dinners on Fridays and Saturdays in March, each menu includes two starters at the center of the table, two seconds, a shared dessert and a drink (water, soft drink, beer or wine) at a price of 35 euros, except for the the latter marinated with wines from Chiclana, which will cost 40 euros.

Tomorrow and the day after these menus will be dedicated to Conil and will include several iconic seasonal products from the Conilian orchard, known for its quality, such as artichokes, pumpkin, peas or carrots that are used, in this case, in the dessert, with a roasted carrot cake with a touch of cumin.

On Friday, March 11 and Saturday, March 12, a menu has been prepared in which the excellent salt from the Chiclana salt flats, collected by hand in the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park, is used in all the dishes and is the protagonist in some of the preparations such as Dorada in salt with alboronía or Lomo retinto accompanied by salt-roasted beets.

On Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th there will be a menu that will use fish and shellfish from estuaries such as sea bream, shrimp and almadraba tuna; thus honoring two of the intrinsic fishing traditions of the province of Cádiz.

Lastly, on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 March there will be a very special menu marinated with five wines from the Manuel Aragón winery in Chiclana de la Frontera. The Battle of the Barrosa for the Avocado with truffled salpicón, Señorío de Galdón for the Mushroom casserole, Fino Granero en rama for the Cod, Amontillado el Neto for the Entrecote and Tinto Dulce Manuel Aragón for the warm Cheese cake.


The Cuartel del Mar is a unique concept that combines Gastronomy and Culture in an unparalleled space developed by the Madrid-based hotel group Azotea Grupo, who entrusted the design and rehabilitation of the building to the Madrid studio of Paula Rosales. It is an old barracks of the Civil Guard of Loma del Puerco, located on a plot of more than 2,000 m2 of exploitation.

El Cuartel del Mar is a unique concept that combines gastronomy and culture.

Inaugurated in the summer of 2020, El Cuartel del Mar has a spectacular terrace with views of the immensity of the Cadiz Atlantic, a patio with capacity for 250 people and a restaurant area for 125 people. In addition, another of the most striking points is its rooftop viewpoint, a privileged place for observing the maritime and terrestrial biodiversity of the area.

The gastronomy of El Cuartel del Mar is in charge of Manuel Berganza, who bases his proposal on the product as a starting point towards a search for identity through honest, quality cuisine that does not lack a touch of creativity. Luca Anastasio, for his part, is in charge of the cocktail bar, offering a menu of fresh drinks and in which he mixes some revisited classics with his signature proposals.


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