Steps to follow to place your order online

Placing your order at will be very easy, convenient and fast.

If you have any questions during the process, you have our Customer Service at your disposal for any questions or queries you may need:

Telephone: 956 40 07 56


* To start placing an order, you must be registered on our website:

To make your purchase, you must register as a customer, in this way you have the necessary data for contact, shipping and billing. The process is done by filling in the registration form and it will only be necessary for your first purchase.

Upon registration, the system will provide you with "User" and "Password" keys, which you can use for subsequent purchases or inquiries. If you do not remember your passwords, press "Forgot your password" or contact us and we will provide them.

If you have not done this registration process before starting to buy, do not worry because the system will take care of asking for your registration at the necessary time.

The steps necessary to carry out the entire purchase process are detailed below:


· Select the desired product.

· Click on the "Buy" button that accompanies the product.

· The chosen product will be added to your shopping cart (on the right of the page). Repeat this operation for all those products you want to buy.

· When you have added all the chosen products, access the shopping cart (on the right of the page).

· If once in the cart you want to add new products, simply click on "continue shopping" and you will return to the product area in store.

· If you want a product and cannot find it, let us know through our customer service and we will gladly assist you.


· Select one of the three forms of payment that we offer depending on your needs:

Cash payment: The User pays the amount at the time of receipt at his home address. It is necessary for the User to specify, during the order, the change they need so that the personnel in charge of the delivery can organize themselves properly. If you do not indicate this amount or indicate it incorrectly, the dealer will have only 10 euros of change.

Credit card: To be able to pay with a bank card (credit / debit Visa or Master Card) our website will redirect you to the secure payment gateway of xxxxxxx, which will request the necessary data to make the payment. This method of payment will require a password for the secure purchase online (this password can be provided at your bank). The bank details collected through the payment gateway are encrypted and transmitted securely to the bank's servers. La marea reserves the right to initiate the legal actions it deems appropriate against anyone who carries out a fraudulent transaction or enters credit card data without having the authorization of the cardholder.

PayPal: You only need to have a Paypal account to be able to buy on our website. You will be automatically redirected to a payment gateway from which you can formalize the payment. Paying through Paypal is a comfortable and safe way to buy on the Internet. The PayPal service has no additional cost for the customer.


Once the entire purchase process has been completed, we will send you an email to the email address that you have provided us, in which all the details of your order are listed. Please, if you do not receive it, contact our Customer Service.


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