Bodega Manuel Aragón tradición y futuroBodega Manuel Aragón tradición y futuro

Tradition and future

Winery founded in 1815 by Don Pedro Aragón Morales (1795), consolidating a family tradition of producing its own wines. The first location of the winery and the winery was in the old Callejón de Jerez (now Sor Ángela de la Cruz street), where it was sold directly to the day laborers who came to do labor in the vineyards and from where it was also distributed to other establishments in Chiclana.

Subsequently, his son Juan Aragón Ramos, who inherited the winery and part of the solera, expanded the facilities, although, as his son Juan Aragón Saucedo would later do, he continued to maintain the same structure of the business, fundamentally oriented to local sales. Diego Aragón Periñán (1896), in the next generation at the beginning of the 20th century, gave a great boost to the winery, acquiring more vineyards and moving it to Olivo Street, a location that is still in the current events.

At a time when isolated health buildings for the sick and convalescent were proliferating, the winery building, which stood out alone among the orchards in the area, with its solid construction and its numerous windows, began to be known in Chiclana as The Sanatorium. The belief that good wines were an excellent restorative for people with delicate health also contributed to this.

Manuel Aragón

Manuel Aragón Baizán (1916), who for a time ran a wine business that his father Diego had in Cádiz, decided when he died, to take charge of the winery, strengthening it, increasing its facilities as well as the distribution areas, and establishing exquisite lines of both cultivation and production and customer service, creating the foundations of what is today the company Manuel Aragón Baizán S.L. of which today Four of his children are owners.

The Manuel Aragón Winery is located within the Marco de Jerez and is recognized for the high quality of its wines. The production of our wines begins in the vineyards of the most traditional vineyards in the area.

We are convinced that every decision we make in the vineyards and in the production of wine is important for the quality of the wines. wines we produce. The dedication of our expert viticulturist and the skill and experience of our winemaker have resulted in the production of these highly appreciated wines.

Manuel Aragón y Diego Aragón
El Espíritu de Manuel Aragón

El Espíritu de Manuel Aragón

El Espíritu de Manuel Aragón

The Spirit of Manuel Aragón

The Manuel Aragón Winery has always been characterized by the defense of tradition and dedication to its customers to obtain the best quality wines. You only need to look at the names of their wines to see that dedication.

Thus, the Amontillado “El Neto” was named by Diego Aragón, in homage to one of his most humble workers: Juan, nicknamed El Neto , the cart driver who traveled through the province of Cádiz with his cart pulled by a mule to bring wines to customers outside of Chiclana. That the owner of a winery thinks about perpetuating the name of his winemaker by naming one of his best wines after him says a lot about the wisdom, humility and humanity of that person.

That everyone who participates in a production process is important is something well known, but that whoever is at the top of the organization has the humility to recognize the intrinsic value of even the humbler employees is a great thing. The same happens with the Cream “Arrumbaó”, which pays homage to the “arrumbador”, the worker whose mission was to settle the butts, rack and clarify the wines. Another vital message from the Manuel Aragón Winery regarding the respect it feels for everyone who participates in the production of wine. But we can find other similar examples among the winery's wines: the Oloroso “Tío Alejandro” is a tribute to the loyal customer, because Tío Alejandro was precisely that, more than a client, friend and collaborator of the winery, whom the Winery He left him a lifetime recognition. Furthermore, the grapes from their vineyards were destined for our winery.

Same with the Moscatel “The Four” because those anonymous four were a group of regular customers who called themselves that way and who gathered around to a table in the winery to share their experiences tasting a bottle of good wine. The current owners have wanted to perpetuate this respect for the roots and have given names connected with Chiclana to two of their most recent creations, the Médium “Hoyo Membrillo”, an exceptional wine that will delight anyone who Proof of this is that it takes its name from the area where the first of the two wineries that currently exist was established, the one located on Olivo Street, next to the street currently called Hoyo del Membrillo. Similarly, the red wine aged in oak “Campano” takes its current name from the place where the firm's production winery is located.

And the excellent Sauvignon Blanc was baptized with the name “The Battle of Barrosa”, remembering such an event that occurred during the War of Independence in the proximity of the chiclanera beach. The spirit of Manuel Aragón translates into tradition, dedication, professionalism and pride in being winegrowers and winemakers in love with their business to offer, from a family winery, the best that their customers and the town where they were born and where they continue deserve. living, Chiclana de la Frontera.


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