The Peñín 2021 Guide once again recognizes the excellence of Bodega Manuel Aragón

The Peñín 2021 Guide once again recognizes the excellence of Bodega Manuel Aragón
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The Peñín 2021 Guide once again recognizes the excellence of Bodega Manuel Aragón

Once again, Bodega Manuel Aragón has managed to remain in the elite of wines in our country, as the Peñín Guide has reflected in the scores it has awarded in its 2021 edition, in which it examines thousands of references from all over Spain. A journey through the different appellations of origin and their respective wineries, where the Marco de Jerez continues to win recognition. In fact, the Manuel Aragón winery, included in this denomination, monopolizes a good number of distinctions according to this reputable guide.

Specifically, the “Oloroso Premium” has obtained 98 points, the “Palo Cortado” 96 points, the “Fino Granero en Rama” 95, the “Premium Amontillado” 94 points, “Pedro Ximénez” 93 and the Moscatel “Los Cuatro” 92 points. These notes put these wines back on the map, which have been betting on excellence for some time, for offering the highest quality, something that has recently been recognized in different forums.

This in turn makes Chiclana wines in general, and Bodega Manuel Aragón in particular, among the best. In fact, years ago, the famous Robert Parker rated the “Oloroso” and “Palo Cortado” bottled for “Equipo Navazos” with the “Bota de Oloroso 63”, with 99 points in “The Wine Advocate”, and the “Palo Cut 62” with 98 stitches.

In this 2021 edition of the Peñín Guide, they have highlighted the "Premium Oloroso" awarded with 98 points and affirms that it is "a marvel of great intensity, another great example of the effect of the passage of time on a large boot, of the that stand out for their vitality and expression.”

On the other hand, he recognizes “Fino Granero en Rama” with 95 points, which he says is “a great representative of organic wines, complex, sharp, very salty and with finesse. Its mouth is very long and faithfully represents the maritime environment of Chiclana where it comes from.”


Chano Aragón, the winery's oenologist, says he feels very proud "both of the team we make up and the family itself, because we should not forget that this is a very demanding job, of many hours and above all, the knowledge that must be have to know how to breed these wines and that they can end up with these high notes”.

As a winemaker, he is clear that Chiclana wines are showing that they are "of great quality and that costs above all effort and money, but today, it is being rewarded". He goes on to say that “you cannot think of low quality wines and cheap prices in our land, although there are many of those wines. In fact, Chiclana is on that path of quality, thanks to our land, climate and aging that makes the result a very particular wine with different characteristics from the rest of the Jerez framework and that has great value”.

And all this at a difficult time for the sector and for companies in general. Chano says he is very concerned about everyone involved in this chain: "I can't get it out of my head 24 hours a day how our customers, the owners of bars and restaurants, will be having a hard time, because what is happening is very hard and more, in the economic conditions found in this sector and the uncertainty in the near future. Aragón understands, “that they need all our help and that of the different organisms”.

The wines of Bodega Manuel Aragón have embarked on a direct path to occupy a place among the most select or called "Premium". This is also reflected in wines such as "Retallo" which, together with "Sauvignon Blanc", have begun the path of renewal in terms of the image that reflects the spirit of the town of origin, Chiclana. The first of these wines already has a label whose silhouette is the entrance door of the Pago de las Cañadillas, where the vineyards from which they emerge each season also reside.

 Added to this initiative is the Sauvignon Blanc, which has changed its bottle and label, embodying in it the iconic Torre del Puerco overlooking the beach, as well as a migratory bird such as the Spoonbill, which crosses the coast every year chiclanera until reaching Africa, and in the background, a brushstroke of the famous historical battle that took place in this corner of the south, such as the battle of Chiclana or as the label says: "The Battle of La Barrosa, the conquest".

And everything, from the humility of a family winery that has not lost the tradition of its ancestors, but that is characterized by nonconformity reflected in innovation and constant research.


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