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The Arrumbaó is a wine obtained from a mixture of dry and sweet wine, fundamentally fragrant, sweetened with Pedro Ximénez, which gives it an intense character and a lot of body.
From brown to dark mahogany in color and unctuous in appearance, its aroma combines sweet notes such as those of nuts, and toasted notes, such as nougat and caramel.
It has a velvety texture on the palate, with a balanced sweetness, and a long aftertaste in which the sensation of sweetness is combined with the typical notes of the oloroso.


Don Manuel Aragón Baizán, father of the current owners of the winery, was a winemaker in love with his trade and respectful of his workers. To demonstrate this, he wanted to pay tribute to those who helped him every day to maintain excellence in the winery by giving this wine the name “Arrumbaó”.

Because the packer was the operator in charge of seating and caring for the boots as well as of racking, nodding and clarifying the wines. An extraordinarily complex and delicate job at a time when the current mechanical and technological aids were not available.

Manuel Aragón wanted to acknowledge the effort that all the winery workers made to achieve quality wines, from the most humble laborer, to the most complex job of the arranger, recognizing that indispensable participation and thereby perpetuating their respect for their employees.

Name: Cream Arrumbaó

Type of wine: Cream (Semi sweet)

Category: Generous Liquor.

Designation of Origin: Jerez - Xérès - Sherry

Grape variety: Palomino and Pedro Ximénez

Aging type: Oxidative

Alcoholic degree: 18%
Energy Value per 100 ml. : 173.20 Kcal.

Sanitary Registry Number: 30.0002634 / CA 

Tasting notes: Brown to dark mahogany color and unctuous appearance. With a marked fragrant nose, it combines sweet notes such as those of dried fruits and toasts, such as nougat and caramel. In the mouth it is sweet, velvety in texture, with a balanced sweetness, a seductive and elegant mid palate and a long aftertaste in which the sensation of P.X is combined with the typical notes of oloroso.

Product Details

Ideal to accompany fruit desserts, pastries or ice cream. Although it also pairs very well with strong cheeses such as blue ones and with foie gras and other patés.

It is also a fantastic aperitif that can be served either by glass at a temperature between 12 and 14ºC.

The intensity of this wine and its sweetness content means that it can also be served in a rocks glass with ice and a slice of orange, still maintaining all its aromatic power and persistence on the palate, combining its complexity with delicious citrus notes. 

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