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Odorous Tío Alejandro is a high-class, aromatic, full-bodied wine with a dark golden color. It comes from the complete fermentation of Palomino grape musts that are selected for a long oxidative aging due to the perfection of their structure. (See "Knowing about wines")

You have to drink it lovingly, in small sips, savoring it in all its greatness. 

Home with everything on the table and is suitable for any time.


The respect that Manuel Aragón had for his clients made him name one of his most beloved wines after one of his most unique clients.

Uncle Alejandro was not part of the Aragón family, he was a special customer, friend and neighbor of the winery, and Manuel Aragón decided to record the importance of his clients by putting this name on one of his wines.

The fragrant "Tío Alejandro" is a tribute to the loyal customer, and a sign of the affection that Manuel Aragón put both in his work, as in his workers and in his clients.

Name: Oloroso Uncle Alejandro

Type of wine: Oloroso

Category: Generous

Designation of Origin: Jerez - Xérèz - Sherry

Grape variety: Palomino

Type of aging: Oxidative. The initial heading at 17% vol. of alcohol prevents the development of the flower veil, so the wine ages exposed at all times to the slow action of oxygen through the traditional system of criaderas and solera. The slow loss of water through the walls of the wooden casks encourages a continuous process of concentration, which makes the wine gain in structure, smoothness and complexity.

Alcoholic degree: 18%
Energy Value per 100 ml. : 127 Kcal.

Sanitary Registry Number: 302634 / CA

Tasting notes: Wine of an amber to mahogany color. Its aromas are warm and round, and as the name suggests, they are complex and powerful. With pronounced aromas of shell nuts, such as walnut, toasted, vegetable and balsamic notes that recall noble wood, blond tobacco and dry litter. Spicy and animal notes that are reminiscent of truffles and leather can be appreciated. On the palate they are tasty and highly structured wines. Powerful, round and full-bodied. Its glycerin content makes them soft on the palate. They have a long permanence in the mouth and complex retronasal aromas. Notes of noble wood stand out, leading to a very elegant drying finish. Average age 17 years

Product Details

The Oloroso, as its name indicates, is a wine of enormous aromatic complexity.
Its strong personality places it at the height of dishes with character before which it unfolds its full potential. It is the most appropriate wine for red meat and game.
It goes perfectly with meat stews or stews; especially with gelatinous meats such as oxtail or cheeks.
Exceptional pairing for mushrooms, as well as for highly aged cheeses.
Consume fresh and in a glass of white wine.

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